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Am I Covered on My Vacation?

Each summer we get questions from clients asking about their coverage while on vacation. Vacations should focus on relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends, or exploring new destinations. In some cases, though, you may want to opt for a little extra insurance or review your current coverage before a trip. Here are some suggestions:

Rental Cars: In general, your personal auto insurance policy will extend coverage to a rental vehicle with the same liability limits. If you have comprehensive and collision coverage on your auto policy, typically, that coverage extends as well.  However, if you are involved in an accident in the rental vehicle you could still be liable to the rental agency for lost revenue while a car is repaired (that possibility can be covered with a Loss of Use endorsement on your auto policy).  With that in mind, most of our clients opt for rental car coverage when they carry liability only insurance on their personal vehicle.

Towing: If you have towing or roadside assistance coverage you probably won’t have any out-of-pocket expenses in the event your car needs to be towed due to a breakdown. Not sure if you have towing coverage? Give us a call. It’s relatively inexpensive and provides peace of mind.

Renting a Boat or Personal Watercraft:  Typically, you cannot get insurance on a boat you don’t own. So it’s a good idea to ask the rental company about their insurance and who is responsible if the boat is damaged, through your fault or someone else’s.

Your Stuff: If you have a homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy, your belongings are likely covered from damage or theft while you’re on vacation.  If you’ve bought something new in anticipation of your dream vacation (an expensive camera, new favorite surfboard, etc.) be sure to let your agent know in case your coverage needs to be updated!

Liability: No one likes to think of the worst while on vacation, but accidents do happen. Now is a good time to revisit an umbrella policy to make sure you and your assets are protected.

The bottom line – review your towing coverage if you’re driving.  Check the coverage of any items you rent (auto, boats, etc.) and make sure your homeowner or renter’s policy covers any big pre-vacation purchases.  As always, if you have any questions, give us a call!