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Am I Covered on My Vacation?

Each summer we get questions from clients asking about their coverage while on vacation. Vacations should focus on relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends, or exploring new destinations. In some cases, though, you may want to opt for a little extra insurance or review your current coverage before a trip. Here are some suggestions: Read more


Student Drivers in High School and Beyond

June is a time for graduation, planning for college or taking a break before starting the next year of high school. For parents, it’s a time that can lead to questions – what do we do with the car? Do we need different insurance now that a child is off at college? And, most often, how can we save money on auto insurance for a student driver? Read more

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That Cheaper Quote May End Up Costing You Money

One of the benefits of using the same insurance company for multiple areas of coverage is the savings that comes from “bundling” coverage. Insurance companies know that it’s more efficient for them to have multiple policies for a customer. As a result, many offer discounts when a customer has their homeowners, auto, boat and similar policies all with the same insurer. Read more