How To Create A Fire Escape Plan

One thing that every family needs, but often isn’t thought of, is a fire escape plan. A clear plan that every family member is familiar with can mean the difference between life and death. Making a home escape plan is easy, and the perfect family activity if you don’t already have one in place.

Do a walk-through. As a family, walk through your home and look for potential escape points. For each room, there should be two ways out. Test all fire alarms to ensure they are working properly, and check the windows that will be used as escape points to make sure they can be easily opened. If you are on an upper floor, make sure escape ladders are close by each window and all family members know how to use them.

Draw out a floor plan. Creating a simple map or floor plan of your home is important in homes with small children. On this floor plan, label each room (especially bedrooms), including hallways, doorways, and windows. Then mark the two escape exits for each room in red on the plan and write down number for the fire department as well. Post the escape plan where your kids can see it frequently, which will help them commit it to memory.

Designate a meeting place. Whether it’s a neighbor’s house, stop sign, or street light, pick a meeting point a safe distance from your house and instruct all family members to go there immediately if there’s a fire emergency. This will help parents know when everybody is safely out of the house, which they can then report to emergency responders. Mark this meeting place on your escape plan as well.

Practice! Your plan will do you no good if it isn’t practiced. Make sure everyone understands it, then practice it at least twice a year, including in the middle of the night.

With your family’s safety in mind, now is a good item to review your insurance policies and consider riders for items such as jewelry, new entertainment systems or other valuables.  If you have questions about your policy and what is protected, we’re always happy to help.