How to Prepare Your Home for a Natural Disaster

While some natural disasters are predictable, others arrive quickly and suddenly giving you little time to react. Thankfully, by proactively preparing for possible disasters, you can not only keep yourself, your family and your home safe but also maintain a level head and prevent worse case scenarios in a calm manner. Read more

Daylight Savings Time Tips

It’s finally almost here, and we’ve all been looking forward to it since the new year began: spring. After Daylight Savings Time on March 10th, we can look forward to longer hours of daylight, the arrival of the best seasonal fruits and vegetables and even energy conservation! However, it does have one drawback: the loss of one hour of sleep. Read more

Smart Estate Planning

Most experts recommend beginning the process of estate planning as soon as you begin thinking about it. There is no required age to begin, and having a plan can make you feel more confident with your assets, and your loved ones feel more comfortable in the event of a lost job or a family tragedy. However, estate planning can be overwhelming at first, leading to mistakes that can create difficulties later on. For smart estate planning, check out these tips:  Read more

Car Maintenance Tips for the Winter Season

The months of holiday traveling may be over, but the coldest temperatures are arriving, which can bring even more stress when it comes to your vehicle. Whether you’re just driving a few times a week, or commuting to the office every day, there are a few maintenance tasks that can keep your car running smoothly during the winter. Here are the most important:

Read more

Safe Toys for Your Children

The best part of the holidays for your kids and grand kids? Unwrapping new toys. The best part of the holidays for you? A day of relaxation after a stressful month while the kids are distracted with their gifts. This relaxation can be short lived if the toys your children or grandchildren unwrapped aren’t the safest option and require constant supervision. To help you steer clear of this challenge, here are the safest toys for each age group to keep your holidays calm: Read more

Tips for Children and Families During the Holidays

The holiday season is a time of joy and cheer, but it can also be hectic and unpredictable – which often results in stressed-out families. Here are some ideas to help keep the tension level down while still embracing this special time of year. Read more

Refer for A Cause Campaign

This fall, Mayo Insurance Agency is teaming up with a local charity each month for our “Refer for a Cause” campaign. It’s simple: for each new quote request we receive by referral, we will donate $10 to a local charity! We’ll also donate $1 for each new Facebook like we receive! For November, we’re supporting Union Mission.

If someone you know needs a new automobile, homeowners, renters or business insurance quote (or P&C policy), please refer them to Mayo Insurance Agency or Williamsburg Insurance Agency and let us know who you referred. We’ll donate $10 for every referred quote, regardless of whether we write the policy!

As of November 1, we have 330 likes, so there’s lots of room for growth! If you haven’t already like our page, please click here and give us a like! If you already like us on Facebook, please ask your friends, family and co-workers to give us a like and help support Union Mission!

Winter Home Preparation Tips

It seems like fall is taking its sweet time to get here, and the heat and humidity is lingering longer than usual. However, before you know it, winter will be here in full force! One downside of warm fall days is it’s easy to put off winter preparation chores, because it seems winter will never arrive!

To help you avoid falling into that trap, here are a few tips to get your home ready for winter. Read more


Are You Covered for a Business Interruption?

If a fire causes the facility to be temporarily unusable, what would you do next? Ideally, you would move to a temporary location while your permanent place of business is being repaired. Yet, traditional Property Insurance does not cover this move or a loss of income when a business must temporarily close. With Business Interruption Insurance, also referred to as Business Income coverage, this setback can be minimized by simply adding this coverage to your Property Insurance policy. Read more

How To Create A Fire Escape Plan

One thing that every family needs, but often isn’t thought of, is a fire escape plan. A clear plan that every family member is familiar with can mean the difference between life and death. Making a home escape plan is easy, and the perfect family activity if you don’t already have one in place.

Do a walk-through. As a family, walk through your home and look for potential escape points. For each room, there should be two ways out. Test all fire alarms to ensure they are working properly, and check the windows that will be used as escape points to make sure they can be easily opened. If you are on an upper floor, make sure escape ladders are close by each window and all family members know how to use them. Read more