Customer Reviews


Thanks Elle  
December 12, 2018  

Elle Hatton was helpful, answered my questions efficiently and made the policy change easy for me. Thanks

Thank you Karen  
December 10, 2018  

Karen was so prompt in handling some problems I had with my account. She is a delight and very professsional. From now on I will only have Karen handle my account. Thank you Karen

Thank you Mever!  
December 7, 2018  


Thank you Ms. Eason  
December 1, 2018  

Would like to thank Ms.Eason for her VERY professional service she provide me.

Always a pleasant experience.  
November 29, 2018  

Shawn has always and continues to be prompt and knowledgeable. Always a pleasant experience.

Doris Rice is Awesome!  
November 29, 2018  

Doris Rice is Awesome! She is quick to respond and has done a fantastic job with our homeowner and car insurance. I highly recommend Doris! Superb customer service.

Thankful for Cindy  
November 28, 2018  

Ms. Cindy Kelly has been a God send to me and my family my insurance would never get paid on time or I would have been cancelled long ago if not for Cindy every month She contacts me by E-mail or phone to tell me to pay my bill I am very aware that she has better things to do but she takes the time to keep my insurance needs up to date.My wife always took care of the bills and after she passed I was lost in so many ways and thats where Cindy comes in and because of her kindness my bill is always on time now thats service so Thank you Cindy for caring and going above and beyond.

November 16, 2018  

I have been working with Doris Rice and it has been such a positive experience. Doris has gone above and beyond to help me.

Definitely recommend  
November 15, 2018  

Karen-McKee-Amato Is one of the best people I have ever delt with!!! She went above and beyond with trying to help me out. I would definitely recommend these people.

Jennifer is the best!  
November 14, 2018  

Just had three specific requests for COI updates land on my desk. Immediately reached out to Jennifer for assistance. I came back to my computer after lunch, and saw PDFs filling up my inbox. She's the best!

Thank You Karen  
November 10, 2018  

Karen has been our agent for many years, she always is willing to help us with all areas of our insurance both cars and home coverage! As always Karen gets a ten from us for her awesome customer service! 😊

Shawn Conlogue is awesome  
November 10, 2018  

Shawn Conlogue provided awesome service by helping us find a home owners policy with a better premium rate and coverage to fit our needs. We appreciated her expertise and prompt service during this process. Her friendly and efficient manner was refreshing. Shawn was a great insurance agent to work with.

Eliana Delgado is the BEST!  
November 8, 2018  

Our business really values the service that we receive from Mayo Insurance Agency. They have a personalized approach that makes their agency stand out. Our representative, Eliana is amazing! She is always available to assist, provide guidance and to ensure the we are properly insured. We truly appreciate all that she does to handle our insurance needs.

You can't go wrong with this office!  
November 7, 2018  

I've been with this nationwide office for over 25 years and have always had GREAT service. Shawn Conlogue is very knowledgeable and will answer your questions right away. You can't go wrong with this office!

November 5, 2018  

Penny is always helpful. Penny always handles our needs in a timely manner.

November 5, 2018  

Karen is such a great detail gal and such a asset to have on our team for our families insurance needs. I love how she takes the time to make sure you understand all the line items on your policy and is helpful in which areas one can save costs too. She takes care of all our personal insurance and also now takes care of all the insurance needs of our adults kiddos. Once you kids are adults it is so special to know that someone like Karen is watching out for their best interests with their insurance needs. THANK YOU KAREN for taking care of ALL my family so well.

Candice Carouge  
November 3, 2018  

Candice Carouge has been amazing. She responds quickly and has taken care of each question efficiently and pleasantly. Thank you so much!

THANK YOU Karen-McKee-Amato  
October 31, 2018  

THANK YOU Karen-McKee-Amato for fast response to our request. Your customer service skills are excellent.

Thank you Mever  
October 29, 2018  

Thank you Mever for finding my family a better premium rate for our homeowner’s policy.

October 29, 2018  

Nancy Jean has been our agent for over 20 years she will be dearly missed. Rhianna has always been very nice taking care of us paying our policies. Thank you Mayo Agency.

Thank you Shawn!  
October 25, 2018  

Shawn was so great to work with. She got with Hagerty and got my hot rod insured quickly at a great price. I will definitely ask for her for all my insurance needs!

Thank you Dana!  
October 22, 2018  

Dana was awesome in helping me with what I needed! She went above what i expected in helping me! She is never anything but helpful! Thank you Dana! I am glad you and Mayo Insurance take care of me! You are always on my side!

Karen McKee-Amato very helpful  
October 22, 2018  

Karen McKee-Amato has always been very helpful. My son was in an accident recently and not only did she thoroughly answer all my questions, but she was also very comforting during a stressful time.

Great Job Karen  
October 19, 2018  

Wanted to let everyone know that not only does this company have great rates, the customer service within this company, is impeccable! Karen Amato of Va Beach.. always goes above and beyond her duties to help in anyway she can. I really want to let everyone know she's a wonderful agent and resolves any issues, If I ever do come across one, the issue is ALWAYS resolved momentarily. Great Job Karen for all you do and taking pride in your job. God Bless!

Thank you Karen!!  
October 18, 2018  

KarenMcKee-Amato is an outstanding member of your team!! Always prompt with answering any questions or concerns, and always super thorough with me. Thank you Karen!! Your the best!!

It has always been my pleasure to talk with Sherri  
October 17, 2018  

I have been with the Mayo insurance group for about twenty five years now and I have always had excellent and efficient personal service.
For the last many years I have had most of my dealings with Sherri McCrickard and I have always found her to be most helpful and knowledgeable regarding my needs. It has always been my pleasure to talk with Sherri, I feel like a person and not just a number. It is because of staff like Sherri that customers stay loyal to Nationwide.
Thank you.

My review is for KAREN !!!  
October 15, 2018  

I have read most of the reviews previously entered for Karen and I must say that all the of them precisely describe every time I have interacted with Karen. She is perfect. Thank you Karen. 10/15/18 Mark Hanlon

Donna - Very efficient and professional.  
October 12, 2018  

Donna has been very helpful is getting the coverage needed for a large HOA. Very efficient and professional.

Jennifer has always been a part of the solution  
October 10, 2018  

We have the peace of mind knowing that Jennifer has always been a part of the solution, and never part of the problem. When our clients drag their feet to the last minute and suddenly need specific COIs in order to buy their A/P Dept more time, Jennifer strikes back with "see the attached COI." #micdrop

Very impressed with Jennifer Eason  
October 9, 2018  

I am so very impressed with Jennifer Eason. She has been prompt, incredibly helpful and so very personable. She sets an outstanding example for those around her!

Always great service  
October 4, 2018  

I have always had great service from Nationwide. They have always been very helpful and courteous.

Penny McGroarty - Outstanding service!  
October 1, 2018  

Thank you Penny McGroarty. You seem to stay a step ahead of me in saving me money. I appreciate your help and advice. Outstanding service!

Thank you Jennifer Eason  
October 1, 2018  

Thank you Jennifer Eason for your efficient service. You have done an outstanding service for our company.

Dana Dubois is a FABULOUS asset  
September 28, 2018  

This isn't a product review, this is a service review.
Dana Dubois is a FABULOUS asset to Nationwide, I work at Nationwide's service center and had the pleasure of working with her this morning.

Thank you Jennifer  
September 27, 2018  

Thank you Ms. Jennifer Eason for timely replies and a great attitude! 🙂

Cindy Kelley is great!  
September 27, 2018  

Cindy Kelley is a great asset for your company. She made it very easy to make my payment and she was also very courteous.

Thank you Karen  
September 26, 2018  

We have moved away and so no longer will be with Nationwide. Karen has been a great help to our family for all the years we have been with the Mayo agency and we will sure miss our awesome agent. Thank you so much Karen

Dana Dubois is great!  
September 26, 2018  

Thank you Dana for your help in reviewing my homeowners and auto policies. I appreciate your suggestions and friendly service!

Thank you Jennifer Eason  
September 25, 2018  

Thank you Jennifer Eason for your prompt service for the COI. We appreicate your help.

Eliana is a great help  
September 25, 2018  

Eliana does a terrific job handling my unusual insurance issues. She is a great help.

Thank you Rhianna  
September 24, 2018  

Thank you Rhianna Fanning for your friendly and efficient service.

Mever is an asset to your agency  
September 24, 2018  

Mever is an asset to your agency. She is great! Be glad you have her.

Karen has always been great  
September 24, 2018  

Karen has always been great dealing with on all aspects of the insurance process. Karen reallly takes the extra steps to make sure that we are taken care of. She makes it worth being insured with Nationwide.

Thanks for your help Dehdra  
September 20, 2018  

Dehdra, thanks for the help you are giving me on securing flood insurance on my second property. Your help is immeasurable. It's because of you that I am changing my other home owners policy from a competitor to Nationwide.

Very impressed by Elle!  
September 18, 2018  

I spoke with Elle today for the first time. She was extremely polite and personable. Elle quickly handled my issue in a very professional way. I am very impressed!

Great Job Jennifer  
September 17, 2018  

Jennifer Eason provide a quick response to my request for an insurance certificate. Great Job.
Thank You.

Thanks again Candice  
September 10, 2018  

Candice Carouge was extremely professional, courteous, efficient and helpful when she responded to my inquiry about my policy; providing me the documentation I needed in a timely fashion. It was a treat dealing with such a competent individual. Thanks again Candice.

Thank you Cindy  
September 7, 2018  

Cindy Kelly, thank you for remembering. Have had nationwide for ever it seems. I don't think we could have found a better company to deal with. Keep up the good work.

Thank you!  
September 7, 2018  

Thank you Jennifer Eason for taking care of my request so quickly!

Thank you Eliana!  
September 4, 2018  

I want to give Eliana Delgado a giant thank you for her exceptional service while helping me to obtain Workers Compensation for my company. It is so greatly appreciated. Thank you once again for all your help!

Thank you Jennifer Eason  
September 4, 2018  

Thank you Jennifer Eason for your prompt service in getting my COI to my clients without delay. It is very much appreciated.

Karen is the bestest!  
September 4, 2018  

She knows where we are coming from and even knows what we are thinking of before we ask her. She makes all the information easy to understand and gets it out to us immediately and never makes you feel like you called with an annoying question. Thank you Karen.

Jennifer Eason executed speedy and AWESOME service  
September 2, 2018  

Jennifer Eason executed speedy and AWESOME service in regards to faxing over necessary paperwork to my mortgage provider. She told me I'd receive a confirmation email after she handled the situation and surprising I received the email before I even made it back home which was about a 15 min drive. Thanks Jennifer for the quick response and I wish you nothing but the best!

Karen McKee-Amato is awesome  
August 31, 2018  

Karen McKee-Amato is awesome! She's always very helpful and quick to respond with any questions I have. She's my go-to person at Nationwide for car and home policies and anything else we need.

Karen Mckee-Amato is great to work with.  
August 29, 2018  

Karen Mckee-Amato is incredible and really will go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your policy and have full understanding. She is great to work with.

Elle and Sabrina are wonderful!  
August 28, 2018  

Elle is the second best agent ever. Very helpful, second only to the wonderful Sabrina. Very helpful agency in helping me with all of my insurance needs. Thanks!

Amazing response time from Jennifer Eason!  
August 27, 2018  

Amazing response time from Jennifer Eason! Thank you

Thank you Karen McKee-Amato  
August 23, 2018  

Life can have challenges and it helps in those times to have a solid person and team working with you to work through them. Thank you Karen McKee-Amato, you did so much and continued to try to get me covered. In the end all your effort and experience paid off in getting my first home insured. Thank you for everything.

Thank you Mayo Insurance !  
August 23, 2018  

My family and I have used Mayo insurance agency for over a decade , and they have never let us down -
From Auto to homeowners to renters , they are always there to help and answer all my questions . They even covered us with a cross country move ... I was so confused on how that worked when you pack up your whole house and ship it 3000 miles - but they knew exactly how to keep us covered !
Karen is always available and there to help when I need her - I appreciate having someone I can call and speak to without dialing a 1-800 number and getting a different person every call and having to explain my situation each time - Karen always remembers our situation and is always there to make a reccomendation.
Thank you Mayo Insurance !

Karen McKee-Amato has been a tremendous help  
August 21, 2018  

Karen McKee-Amato has been a tremendous help to me on several occasions. Both with my auto and homeowners policies. Today was no exception, she assisted me quickly, answered my questions, gave me options and took care to ensure all was to my liking. I have enjoyed a long and most pleasant relationship with Mayo Agency, and see no reason to go elsewhere. Great customer service. Thank you, Karen.

I really appreciate Elle Hatton  
August 21, 2018  

I really appreciate Elle Hatton's time and research on some Condo Association Flood policy questions I had. It's good to know that our mutual clients are so well taken care of !!

I appreciate Jennifer Eason's swift response  
August 20, 2018  

I appreciate Jennifer Eason's swift response to my request for a copy of flood insurance for a condo association. Your helpfulness and consideration allows me to help someone else.... and on down the line.... 🙂

Penny McGroarty was so helpful  
August 19, 2018  

Penny McGroarty was so helpful to us in our changes in our automobile insurance. She was a pleasure to deal with.

Dana: Thank you for services  
August 17, 2018  

Dana: Thank you for services and meeting all of my needs. you are a five star agent.

Karen thank you  
August 9, 2018  

Karen thank you for always being there when I need your help. You are the best

Thank you Jennifer Eason  
August 3, 2018  

Thank you Jennifer Eason for your prompt response sending an updated COI for one of our Vendors who is your client.

Fortunate to have Donna  
August 3, 2018  

Donna Jones was very prompt in getting back to me on questions I had about my homeowner’s and it’s rising costs. Nationwide is fortunate to have her as an employee.

Penny is very helpful  
August 2, 2018  

Penny McGroarty has been very helpful dealing with all my insurance needs.

Shawn from the Harbour View office is always on my side!  
August 2, 2018  

Someone hit my husbands truck on the interstate so who’s left without a car but me the wife, because his job is much further than mine. However nationwide and Shawn from the Harbour View office is always on my side! Thanks Shawn for always taking care of my rental property needs and my car needs! I truly would be lost without you!

Penny !! Great service !!!  
August 2, 2018  

Penny !! Great service !!!

I appreciate your help  
August 2, 2018  

Dana, you were very helpful in making me decide certain thing. I appreciate your help

I would not go nowhere else  
August 1, 2018  

Me and my husband just love this company the people are just so friendly I would not go nowhere else

Jennifer is setting records!  
July 31, 2018  

We are loving the communication timeliness with your crew. Jennifer fired back a response within 4 minutes letting us know she's taking the lead on our behalf. Call Guinness, we're setting records over here!

I could never in a million years find another KAREN!!  
July 30, 2018  

Karen McKee-Amato has been like a mom to me now for severa year in working with her for my car and home insurance needs. I never would have imagined I would have developed such a close relationship with my insurance agent, but she is so warm and kind when it comes to dealing with my questions and concerns that it truest makes me feel she is working with me as a close relative. I almost chuckle on the inside when I get pamphlets in the mail to switch car insurance companies because you couldn’t PAY me to switch because I could never in a million years find another KAREN!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and love for what you do and your clients -day in and day out-

Thank you Shawn!  
July 27, 2018  

Thank you Shawn as usual you were polite, and efficient.

Karen McKee-Amato has been so helpful  
July 26, 2018  

Karen McKee-Amato has been so helpful to me in dealing with my parents insurance. I have been helping my Dad with his bills and Karen has been excellent. She is extremely professional, kind, and knowledgeable. In addition, Karen is very quick to respond to my emails and phone calls. Your Company is very fortunate to have such a dedicated employee. Thank you again Karen for all your assistance. Sherry Scott

Karen McKee-Amato was superb  
July 24, 2018  

Karen McKee-Amato was superb in her very timely response to my displeasure in seeing a substantial increase in my car insurance bill. She suggested a number of actions I could take to reduce my bill. I followed thru on all her suggestions and was pleased with the end result.
I like Karen's "can do" attitude. She always finds ways to help me and all her clients. Thank you Karen.

Thank you, Jennifer  
July 23, 2018  

Thank you, Jennifer for your promptness in handling our request for a COI. I appreciate all your work.

Thanks to the entire Mayo team  
July 23, 2018  

Thanks to the entire Mayo team for their professional and friendly service surrounding our insurance needs over the years.

Keep Karen, she is great!  
July 23, 2018  

Had a serious problem and Penny was not in so Karen helped me to the fullest extent with so many changes to be made. Respectfully request that Mayo, update my files at least once a year as these changes made today were quite serious to me!!!! Keep Karen, she is great!!! PTL

Candice was able to do the impossible  
July 20, 2018  

Candice was able to do the impossible in finding quality insurance at a reasonable cost. For half the previous cost in a coastal region in a high priced home. Thanks for all your research.

Thank you Karen  
July 20, 2018  

Thank you Karen, great service!

Jennifer is top notch!  
July 19, 2018  

Jennifer's attention to detail, paired with her prompt handling of our requests, is top notch. Can't thank you enough!

Thank you  
July 18, 2018  

Thanks Laura for taking care of my cancellation.

Only took one phone call  
July 11, 2018  

Handled my request with one phone call and provided documentation of the change I requested.

COI requests  
July 11, 2018  

Thanks Jennifer Eason for always getting our COIs requests sent out to clients with lightning speed!

Thank you Cindy Kelly  
July 9, 2018  

Thank you Cindy Kelly for your support in my time of need. You were very thoughtful and very professional and showed great concern for our needs. Again thank you and may God bless you. James E. Banks

Penny McGroarty  
July 7, 2018  

Always happy with the service I receive from Penny...Todd surely knows he has a jewel

Birthday Wishes  
July 5, 2018  

Thanks to Kayla for the surprise birthday greeting. Thanks as well to Karen for her outstanding service.

Penny - caring, quick and efficient  
July 3, 2018  

Penny, In all my years of dealing with car insurance professionals (50 years), I have never had the caring service, the calming spirit when someone backed into my new car, nor the quick and effeciency and follow through as you have demonstrated. All you work with will be well served.

THANKS Cindy  
July 2, 2018  

Cindy treats me so special every time I come into the office. She makes me feel as if I am the only customer the company has. THANKS Cindy.

Thanks Donna  
July 2, 2018  

Thanks Donna, for always going the extra miles to make sure we are taken care of. You are great!!

Flood renewal needed  
June 29, 2018  

Needed renewed flood insurance for my condo complex forwarded to my mortgage company and Jennifer and Kayla made sure it was taken care of promptly on a Friday afternoon. If the office would send the renewals to the mortgage co. every year automatically instead of me having to call after the bank notifies me the old one expired I would give them 5 stars.

Thank you Karen!!  
June 29, 2018  

Karen did a wonderful job helping us navigate a new auto policy and umbrella policy! We have been a Mayo client for 20 years but she was able to give our policies a fresh set of eyes and align it for our current needs! Thank you Karen!!

We’d recommend Sherri to all our friends!  
June 28, 2018  

Sherri McCrickard has always been First class in dealing with me and my wife with our Insurance needs. She is friendly, courteous and well informed. It’s a pleasure to do business with her. We’d recommend Sherri to all our friends!

Thank you Candice!  
June 28, 2018  

Candice was so quick to respond and help! I had a response from her and my request was complete within minutes. Thank you Candice! The Mayo Agency team is outstanding!

June 28, 2018  

WE LOVE KAREN MCKEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have had a number of "odd" scenarios come up over the years and she has helped and guided us thru them all! WE LOVE HER!!!

Thanks Donna Jones!  
June 28, 2018  

Thanks Donna Jones for taking such good care of my insurance needs and for following up with me, when I forgot to sign some documents! I appreciate your attention to detail.

June 27, 2018  

Candice was very helpful and got back to me in minutes with an answer to my question.

Thanks to Sherri!  
June 20, 2018  

Sherri McCrickard is very helpful, efficient, thoughtful, and responsive. I appreciate how she helps me think through new insurance options. Thank you!

Couldn't be happier!  
June 15, 2018  

I couldn't be happier with the services Mayo insurance provides. Everyone there is stellar in taking care of my insurance needs.

Donna - Great customer service, a rare thing these days!  
June 15, 2018  

Donna has been extremely helpful in looking at different options for my homeowners insurance. Great customer service, a rare thing these days!

Karen is the best  
June 14, 2018  

Karen Mckee-Amato always goes above my needs.
I was able to do my annual review in minutes over the phone and renewed my Flood insurance also.
Ask for Karen if you need insurance at the Mayo agency.
Mayo Agency is Awesome.

Penny is most helpful  
June 13, 2018  

Penny always promptly responds to my calls and is most helpful with all my insurance needs.

Big shout out to Penny  
June 13, 2018  

Though I do not live in your area, I was working with Penny on a current client of yours who is moving back to Indiana, Penny was awesome. Being in the industry it was so refreshing to work with someone who knows what a client needs. So big shout out to Penny for all of her help in making the move for Carol go smoothly.

Jennifer Eason was very helpful!  
June 11, 2018  

Jennifer Eason did a fantastic job unsnarling my flood insurance issues with my new mortgage company. She was efficient, courteous and so very helpful!

Karen went above and beyond  
June 9, 2018  

Karen McKee-Amato, Agency Representative at the Mayo Agency on Laskin in Virginia Beach was more than accommodating during a very difficult time for me. She went above and beyond to get me answers which greatly put my mind at ease while relieving a great amount of stress!

Thank you so much Karen  
June 8, 2018  

Karen thank you so much she is truly a professional and will do anything she can to help you get covered very quick and no difficulties if you need insurance please get it through Karen!!!!!!!!😁😁

Elle Hatton is an asset to the agency  
June 8, 2018  

Elle Hatton has done an amazing job handling my crazy requests with professionalism and speed. She is such an asset to the agency.

Susan Zell

Birthday greetings  
June 7, 2018  

Never remember getting birthday emails before, but Cindy Kelley of the Mayo agency did.. Kind of cool in my opinion.. .Thanks...

Jennifer is the best!  
June 6, 2018  

I spoke with Jennifer about needing proof of flood insurance for one of my rental properties.. She had the information to my lender within a few hours. Jennifer is the best!. .

Jennifer - keep up the awesome work!  
June 6, 2018  

Jennifer's turn around on our COI requests has been top notch! Keep up the awesome work!

Karen has been an outstanding  
June 6, 2018  

Karen has been an outstanding agent for the four years we have worked with her. She is always willing to help us out and ensure we get the best out of our policies. She is very approachable and down to earth. Such a great person to work with. Thank you for all the help you have given us and we look forward to the continued support.

Great Quote Dana  
June 6, 2018  

What a great quote for Car Insurance for my wife and I. I do need to review and get back to you but truly appreciate the work put into the quote. Thank you!

Thank you Jennifer Eason!  
June 5, 2018  

Thank you Jennifer Eason! You are such a pleasure to work with! You respond so promptly and you're so kind.

Thank you Karen  
June 5, 2018  

Thank you Karen, As always extremely professional and nice. Makes dealing with insurance issues pleasant. I am happy you are on my team.

Thank you Penny  
May 31, 2018  

Thank you Penny....
You are FANTASTIC.... Before you took the time to sit with me I didn't know what I was going to do. People like you is what makes a business run so smoothly. I'm so very glad you were there and The Mayo Agency should be too.

We are thankful for Elle!  
May 31, 2018  

Elle made our life way smoother!!! We are thankful to have her on our team!!

Karen has been a great addition to The Mayo Agency  
May 30, 2018  

Karen has been a great addition to The Mayo Agency. She is very knowledgeable and always responds immediately to questions etc..She is conscious of cost and works to give her clients “ the Best bang for their bucks”

Karen went above and beyond  
May 30, 2018  

Karen worked very hard to find the best value options for car insurance. Even though this was a busy post-holiday time, Karen took the time to research and present the best options for a needed change in auto policy. She also explained each option, and provided her experienced opinion, to help me choose. She went above and beyond any service level I could have expected, and I am very grateful.

Thank you very much Heather  
May 29, 2018  

Thank you very much Heather. Very fast and clear response. That' why I stay with you for so.... many years...27

Jennifer is fantastic!!  
May 25, 2018  

Jennifer is fantastic!! I requested a certificate of insurance today (the eve of a holiday weekend) and didn't expect an answer until Tuesday. Much to my surprise, I got a response AND the certificate almost immediately. Thank you so much for your quick response. You are AMAZING!

Donna has been so helpful  
May 24, 2018  

Donna has been so helpful in quoting insurance rates for my new purchase. She provided prompt detailed information so that I can make a decision.

Thank you Dana  
May 22, 2018  

Dana, Did a very good job for Nationwide and the 1972 Ford Bronco insurance that I have now with Hagerty.The insurance policy was much needed. Thank You

Prompt and courteous  
May 21, 2018  

Penny, my request for a copy of my boat policy was responded to promptly and as usual courteously. I cannot ask for more.

We're happy with Karen's service  
May 15, 2018  

Karen is knowledgeable, cheerful, and very service oriented. I’m happy that she has our account!

What a great team and fantastic customer experience!  
May 14, 2018  

Sherri was so helpful when we needed renter's insurance on short notice as we sell our home and transition to a new location! The entire process was easy and efficient, in part because Laura had also made notes in our file during an earlier conversation last week. What a great team and fantastic customer experience!

Jennifer, thanks again  
May 9, 2018  

Jennifer, I would just like to thank you for the excellent service you provided me. Your speedy response and courteous manner in which you handled my situation makes you a great asset to the company. Thanks again.

Jennifer is one of the best  
May 9, 2018  

Jennifer Eason really came through in the clutch! Definitely one of the best Certificate Specialists in the game!

May 8, 2018  

Elle is always on point. Thank you for all you do!


Thank you Jenn!  
May 7, 2018  

Thank you Jenn for getting evidence of the renewal of my condo's flood insurance out to my lender so quickly. I appreciate your service..

Karen McKee - Amato was so helpful  
May 6, 2018  

Karen McKee - Amato was so helpful in resolving a mix up on my policy. She researched and provided detailed information so that I could make an informed decision. And she always does it with a smile.

Thanks KAREN! Keep up the great service!  
May 2, 2018  

Karen McKee- Amato goes above and beyond exceptional customer service to help her clients and to make sure they are comfortable and understand every detail about their policy and or claims if one is needed to be file. I wanted to truly take time to appreciate everything you have done once again for me and my family. Thanks KAREN! Keep up the great service!

5 Star service!  
April 30, 2018  

Jennifer Eason was Great!! My request for a Certificate of Insurance arrived quicker than expected and was exactly what I needed. 5 Star service!

April 30, 2018  

Kayla Dobos is an awesome, she is always cheerful and happy to help. Thanks Kayla for all your help as usual.

Charles Davis, CEO Next Step Medical

Shawn has exceeded my expectations  
April 30, 2018  

Ms Shawn Conlogue was very professional and polite. This truly mean a lot as a customer. Good customer service is very hard to find these days and she has exceeded my expectations.

Heather was great!  
April 30, 2018  

Heather was great! Super fast response time and she put my mind at ease. Guess that's why I'll stay with Mayo to insure my new home after we lost the previous one to fire.

Thank you Shawn Conlogue!  
April 27, 2018  

We appreciate how quickly you help us with any questions throughout the years.

Excellent Customer Service - Jennifer Eason!  
April 26, 2018  

Jennifer is always quick to respond and very helpful in getting our certificates of insurance sent out. Thank you so much for always being so helpful. It is greatly appreciated!

Recommend Donna Jones  
April 19, 2018  

Donna Jones was very professional and polite. She also was very fast at getting what I needed done! Will recommend her to others.

Thank You Jennifer!  
April 18, 2018  

Thank You Jennifer!
Jennifer sent me evidence of insurance within 12 hours of my request! Excellent customer service!!

Thanks Karen  
April 16, 2018  

Karen handled my policy change in a quick and professional manner. She was interested in helping to resolve my concerns and make changes on the spot. Thanks

Thanks Penny!  
April 11, 2018  

Thanks Penny! Penny has been our contact person at the Mayo agency for many years and we couldn’t be more pleased with the service she has provided. She has seen to our questions and concerns in a very prompt and professional manner. We look forward to working with her for many years to come! Thank you, Penny!

Very nice, easy, and quick!  
April 11, 2018  

Very nice, easy, and quick!

Thank you Jennifer!  
April 9, 2018  

Service is key and Jennifer went out of her way to make getting a Flood Insurance certificate to our lender easy. Thank you Jennifer

Thank you Donna!  
April 5, 2018  

I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank Donna of Mayo Insurance for all the help she has provided us in the past 10+ years. We were very happy and satisfied with her and the team. We were sorry to leave the team and agency. Great service provided. Thank you Todd and Donna.

Thanks Donna!  
April 4, 2018  

Donna continues to be very prompt in responding to email questions and follow-up with providers. She represents your company in an outstanding way. Thanks Donna!

Heather and Jennifer are knocking our requests out of the park!  
April 4, 2018  

We're in the depths of renewal period. However, Todd's team of Heather and Jennifer are knocking our requests out of the park. Very helpful, and responsive. You make our lives easier, and we truly appreciate your hard work!! Keep up the great work! - Ryan

Thanks for the help Karen.  
April 3, 2018  

Karen Mckee-Amato ,thanks so much for the help.

Jennifer Eason was fast, efficient, and helpful!  
April 3, 2018  

I had an urgent situation regarding a certificate of insurance that would have affected the sale of a unit for one of our homeowners. Jennifer Eason was fast, efficient, and helpful in getting me what I needed to take care of the client. Thanks Jennifer!!

Sherri represents your Company in an outstanding manner.  
March 28, 2018  

We recently needed to replace the insurance on on our son's vehicle. Not only had he relocated to another state but, as a result of a poor driving record, he had to be removed from our policy. With the assistance of Sherri McCrickard, we found an agency in his new locale where we were able to arrange auto insurance for him. Sherri went beyond the call of duty not only by providing the new agent with vehicle details but by assisting in the preparation of our eventual application to apply for new registration/plates at his new address. Sherri does a great job in handling customer-facing challenges not to mention providing over-the-top "back room" support. She represents your Company in an outstanding manner.

Thank you to the Mayo team!  
March 26, 2018  

Todd, please thank all your staff for the great service provided. - Pam

Thank you Dana!  
March 22, 2018  

Giving thanks to Dana for her assistance,

Shawn Conlogue is very helpful and does it with a pleasant manner.  
March 19, 2018  

Shawn Conlogue is very helpful and does it with a pleasant manner. It is hard to find good people in the service business. Wishing you much success in the coming year. Thanks for your help. - Jerald

It's a pleasure working with Elle  
March 9, 2018  

Elle is quick, efficient, and her customer service skills are top notch. It's always a pleasure working with people who respond quickly and efficiently.

Pleased with Dana's service and professionalism  
March 8, 2018  

I have always been pleased with Dana'a service and professionalism. She makes us as the customer feel as though we are important to your company. I have been served by her for many years and she is part of the reason I keep coming back.

Elle has made this years insurance experience so easy  
March 8, 2018  

l have been very pleased working with Elle this year. She has been so responsive and easy to work with. She has made this years insurance experience so easy. I look forward to working with her.

Karen is outstanding  
March 7, 2018  

Karen is outstanding!!, she has been wonderful in assisting me with my mom insurance needs, I told my mother- in- law about her and the company and now she is a client, great customer service is everything especially when you feel like family and not just a policy.

I really appreciate Sherri  
March 6, 2018  

I truly believe that Sherri, was sent by God to assist me In making my insurance experience as easy as possible. I really appreciate her. I thank you dearly to have provide me with such an helpful person.

To God be all the glory. Jesus is King..

March 1, 2018  

Karen is a great asset to the Mayo company. She is fast and efficient.

Penny is an asset to the Mayo company  
February 14, 2018  

Penny McGroarty is fast.
Penny insured my new used-car very quickly. She is an asset to the Mayo company. She is on top of the insurance field and stays informed of new updates. I am very happy that she is my agent.

Kirstie is the best!  
February 14, 2018  

Kirstie, and the Todd Mayo group, are simply the best team for providing exceptional service. Thank you Kirstie.

Thanks Nancy, You rock out loud!!!  
February 9, 2018  

Nancy McHugh, has always been more than accommodating. She makes every interaction better. I know I can call with a stupid question and she always gets me back on track.
Thanks Nancy, You rock out loud!!!

February 8, 2018  

Almost instant service, wonderful!

Penny is a big part of the reason I have worked with this agency for so long!  
February 8, 2018  

Penny McGroarty consistently goes above and beyond to provide superior customer service to her insureds. The Mayo insurance agency has insured me and my business for years and Penny is a big part of the reason I have worked with them for so long.

Sherri McCrickard - on top her of game as usual!  
February 7, 2018  

Sherri McCrickard was on top of her game as usual. Great service and she really explored all options to help me save money and select the right coverage for my properties. Thanks as always.

I would recommend Shawn Conlogue in a heart beat!  
January 30, 2018  

Thank you Shawn Conlogue for looking out for me! Always very helpful in getting me what I need.I would recommend you in a heart beat!

Karen has wonderful customer service skills  
January 26, 2018  

First of all, let me say Karen has wonderful customer service skills and can help resolve any issues you have. I'm very thankful for everything this company has done for me and my family. Looking for an agent, call Karen. Thanks from the HATFIELDS!

Thanks! I really appreciate all you do.  
January 24, 2018  

The Mayo agency has been my insurance provider for more than 20 years and there is one simple reason----they go above and beyond the call of duty to take care of me and provide the kind of service that is missing in a lot of businesses today. Todd, Penny, Sherri and the rest of the gang down there deserve a huge shout out for all the years of great service. Thanks! I really appreciate all you do.

Job well done - thanks Karen!  
January 22, 2018  

Karen - I really enjoyed talking and working with you on getting my home and auto policy reworked and saving us money you did a super job making me understand the insurance world and taking the time to explain everything Job well done and thanks again 😀

I highly recommend Todd and his amazing business.  
January 22, 2018  

Todd Mayo has been serving my personal and company insurance needs for several decades. He gets results when other companies cannot, and prices are very competitive. I highly recommend Todd and his amazing business.

Heather deserves a shout out!  
January 8, 2018  

Heather deserves a shout out for exceptional customer service. She is always very prompt and professional in responding to all my requests for our business policies. Thanks for being a great asset to Mayo Insurance, Heather. We very much appreciate you!

Working with Laura is a great pleasure  
December 27, 2017  

Working with Laura , is a great pleasure, any time calling her discussing any issue , she tries hard to answer or solve the problem. She is so personable and professional. Working many years with this great lady, has been always a joy and peace of mind. Congratulating the Mayo agency having her on its team.

Thank you Sherri!  
December 13, 2017  

Sherri McCrickard was extremely professional and helpful today. She took a load of anxiety off of my shoulder. I needed proof of insurance for a vehicle purchased just last night and she emailed them right away. Give her a raise ASAP. Thank you again Sherri & happy holidays to you & your family.

Thank you Penny  
December 11, 2017  

Penny as always was very helpful. She took care of everything I needed and saved me a trip to the DMV. That alone is worth the premium. Thank you

Dealing with Laura is always a pleasure!  
December 1, 2017  

Laura Whitney is personable and professional!!! I have always received everything I needed in a way that feels like I am dealing with a close friend of the family. Dealing with Laura is always a pleasure! Thanks Laura!

Karen McKee-Amato is an EXCEPTIONAL agent.  
November 29, 2017  

Karen has done an excellent job in handling our accounts for several years. She has proven to be a very knowledgeable agent with exceptional customer service skills. Whether by phone or email, she responds to concerns or questions quickly. She always does what she says she's going to do, when she says she's going to do it.

Nancy is always awesome!  
November 28, 2017  

Nancy is always awesome!

Cory Mayo is awesome!  
November 27, 2017  

Cory Mayo is awesome! After trying to work with some other insurance companies, Cory was able to help us with our needs and made the transition very easy.

Karen is superb!  
November 13, 2017  

Karen at the Mayo agency has handled my accounts for years. She is superb ! I have never called with a request, a quote, or just a general question and not received a professional and prompt answer. She is epitome of excellent customer service and one of the reasons I recommend Mayo to all my friends and relatives.

Eliana & Jenelle are the BEST!  
November 8, 2017  

Eliana & Jenelle are the BEST! They go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. Their prompt attention to our needs makes us feel like we are their only customer. Thank you so much!

Karen is the best!  
November 6, 2017  

Karen is the best!
She is always very helpful, and makes you feel that you are appreciated as a customer of Nationwide! 👍

Thank you Donna!  
October 31, 2017  

Mayo team has done a very good job with our two properties in Virginia Beach. Donna has been particularly helpful in comparing products and proactively managing renewals. Thank you!

Penny is the reason we're with nationwide.  
October 30, 2017  

Penny is the reason we're with nationwide. Whether I have questions, need a quote, or need to make a change to my policy, she is always there to help us. Having a reliable, personable, and professional agent makes all the difference. And when you can protect all your assets with one company, and receive a discount for doing so, it's a no-brainer.

Todd and Heather are awesome  
October 27, 2017  

The Mayo team is professional, efficient and always willing to assist. I started my own company over a year ago and can't imagine working with anyone else. Todd and Heather have been awesome and I highly recommend their services.

Thank you Karen  
October 27, 2017  

I just want to let everyone know how wonderful Karen is overall. Not only is she spectacular at her job she makes you feel like your family. She helps with every issue or need and gets any problem taken care of right away. Thank you Karen for going above and beyond just being an insurance agent. Thanks for being there always.

It is a joy to work with Karen  
October 25, 2017  

It is a joy to work with Karen - she is efficient and cheerful and helpful. She stays on top of my many varied accounts and I appreciate that! Karen has an amazing memory - she remembers the cars we had and sold years ago! Mostly, though, it is her prompt and thorough service and product knowledge that highlights her excellence.

October 23, 2017  

It is with apprehension that I need to cancel my home policy with Karen and the Mayo Agency, because in the four years that we owned our vacation home in VA Beach, returned phone calls, along with any issues, were resolved in a VERY TIMELY basis. Karen has great phone skills and knowledge of the insurance industry and is an asset to both the Mayo Agency and Nationwide Insurance. The only reason that I cancelled my policy is that through the NYS United Teachers Union we have a great state-wide group policy, and all of my other insurances are through this policy. If I ever should change insurance companies down the road, I will not hesitate to contact Karen and the Mayo Agency.

Thanks, Nancy!  
October 23, 2017  

Nancy McHugh provided excellent customer service and was extremely helpful. I was frustrated with my situation but Nancy was very personable, knowledgeable and genuinely wanted to help. Thanks, Nancy!

Nancy is the best  
October 19, 2017  

Absolutely the best. Always available to answer questions and available at a moments notice. So very grateful to have such a truly dependable agent.

Karen is amazing!  
October 19, 2017  

Karen is amazing! She's very knowledgeable, caring and helpful. We couldn't have asked for a better agent.

Thanks Heather M!  
October 19, 2017  

Heather Mcllwee has been great to work with. Very responsive and took care of my companies insurance needs. Thanks!

Karen is a very skilled insurance agent  
October 18, 2017  

It's true! Karen is a very skilled insurance agent. She has grown in her knowledge of this specialty immensely. And she is caring. She gives a heads-up regarding issues that are important to us, and probably to all her clients. We appreciate all her help.

October 14, 2017  

I like the quick response from Donna..

Eliana is a life saver!  
October 11, 2017  

Eliana Delgado was very much a life saver for me. She sent me the reminder I needed. Am very grateful for her attention to my account. I needed this oversight & she provided it. The firm is one I happily recommend to others.

Karen is a Wonderful Agent!  
October 9, 2017  

Karen is a Wonderful Agent! Whenever I need her for something, always available and willing to go above and beyond for her customers. Highly recommend her!!

Professional service  
October 9, 2017  

I've been working with Laura, Karen, and Kayla for over a year now, and I'm very happy with their prompt and professional service.

Laura was so helpful!  
October 6, 2017  

I am constantly impressed on the exceptional customer services with Mayo Insurance. I transferred all my business and personal policies to Mayo Insurance Agency a few months ago and am so glad I did. Today I called and Laura was so helpful . I am trading in a vehicle and purchasing another and she was super helpful. Minutes later she had taken care of this business, transferred our policy to the new policy and emailed me a new insurance card too. Todd Mayo has wonderful people on this team, who always treat you like family!

Saving money and more coverage  
October 6, 2017  

I felt very proud today when I got off the phone with Karen. I realized that I am going to save money and I also have more coverage. Thank you again for specializing in your department!

Heather Ingram is great to work with!  
October 6, 2017  

Heather is great to work with!! Always so helpful and professional.

October 5, 2017  


Thank you Karen  
October 5, 2017  

Thank you, Karen, for the constant advice regarding our home and car insurance. It is very reassuring, when you feel that your insurance company has your back. Your clients, including us, are lucky to have you on their side.

Kirstie Dinkel - excellent service  
October 4, 2017  

Kirstie Dinkel provided me with excellent service, quick responses and accurate information. Very prompt and quite professional.

Thank you Karen  
October 3, 2017  

Karen McKee is an exceptional agent she called me back as soon as her appointment was over. I explained what had recently happened and she got in touch with the right person and helped get things accomplished . I want to personally thank Karen for her quick response and also let me know what I need to do

Karen is personable and fun  
October 2, 2017  

Karen is so awesome!!!! She personable and fun to talk to especially dealing with boring insurance.

Birthday Wishes  
October 2, 2017  

Kayla, thanks for the Birthday wish. And I must say that your agency really does care. Appreciate it!

Jenelle is the COI Queen!  
September 26, 2017  

Jenelle is the COI Queen. Nobody is faster, nicer, or as Professional as her. She's the Best. Makes my Job Easier !!!!

Penny is very helpful  
September 22, 2017  

It's been at least 2 years since I've dealt with Penny McGroarty and as usual Penny is very helpful, prompt and professional. Certainly an asset to both the agency and Nationwide.

Nancy is my favorite!  
September 22, 2017  

Nancy McHugh is my favorite today!! She just saved us hundreds on our insurance! Thank you for your time and knowledge!!

Thanks Karen  
September 21, 2017  

Thanks, Karen, for the quick response to my question and the reassurance regarding my homeowners policy.

Karen is a true professional  
September 21, 2017  

Karen is truly professional and knowledgeable. It is a great experience to be able to work with someone like her who generally knows the answer before I ask the question. She showed great knowledge, respect and a genuine concern for people. A great attribute to your company.

Karen McKee Is an Exceptional Agent  
September 20, 2017  

She has more patience than Job and has always handled all of my issues both promptly and courteously. Karen is a true asset to both Nationwide Insurance and the Mayo Agency.

Nancy McHugh is FANTASTIC!!!  
September 18, 2017  

Nancy McHugh is FANTASTIC!!! Nancy is very knowledgeable, professional, and HELPFUL. I have been with Nationwide and Nancy has been my representative 20 plus years!! She is a true blessing to Nationwide and Mayo Agency.

Penny McGroarty is absolutely the Best!  
September 15, 2017  

Penny has helped me out on more than one occasion. There's truly no problem that she can't solve. (The problems she has solved for me can attest to that.) I am so grateful to Penny for always being kind and helpful. She is a true asset to the Mayo Agency. Thank you Penny for always being there for me!

September 13, 2017  

You have always been the best, most informative and still are......

Thank you as always

I could not have asked for better customer service  
September 12, 2017  

Thank you, Karen McKee. I know you were swamped, and you still took a considerable amount of time explaining things to me, sometimes, over and over. I could not have asked for better customer service, and such polite, and patient service. You went way beyond what one would expect for service. It was a pleasure. You are a treasure, and the company is lucky to have you. Thank you.

Thank you Karen  
September 12, 2017  

Thank you Karen McKee for always being available and willing to assist me with my smart ride questions! She is always so friendly and eager to help!

Penny shines bright when you need her!  
September 11, 2017  

I've been a paying customer of Nationwide for well over forty years.....that alone speaks volumes for your wonderful company! Nancy has been my representative for the Virginia Beach office (now Mayo Agency) since I can remember (1986) however, since Mayo has taken over the business Nancy was replaced with Penny. I was initially disappointed until I needed assistance with my policy and had the opportunity to see Penny at work. Penny was just as helpful, professional and eager to find answers to my needs. I couldn't be more satisfied! Today I purchased another vehicle and needed assistance with a multitude of questions and without skipping a beat Penny dropped whatever she was doing and patiently answered all my questions and much to my surprise I discovered she had handled the much need documentation I would need for DMV when I returned home and checked my email. She is the best! Thank you Mayo Agency for hiring that shiny Penny!! She shines bright when you really need her !!

Thank you Karen McKee-Amato!!!  
September 8, 2017  

You were so helpful and patient when I was having problems with smartride. You made me feel like I was your only customer and always made me feel at ease. Great Job!!!! Thanks for all your hard work.!!!!

Nancy is eager to help  
September 7, 2017  

Nancy McHugh from Virginia Beach Nationwide is always eager to help me when I have a question or concern. If she has to call me back she does so very promptly. I really appreciate her and I made the right choice when picked this location.

Karen McKee is Awesome  
September 5, 2017  

Anytime I call whether for a question or a change in my policy Karen helps me out. Her customer service is outstanding and she is a pleasure to talk to. Thank you Karen for everything that you do!

Laura is the best!!  
September 1, 2017  

Laura is a fantastic person and agent. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and very professional. She is one reason why we love Nationwide. Laura is the best!!

Thanks, Karen!  
August 30, 2017  

Karen has been my long-time point of contact, and she's always been very helpful. I'm usually laughing at some point in the conversation. Thanks for making talks about insurance a pleasurable experience!

A big THANK YOU to Karen  
August 28, 2017  

A big THANK YOU to Karen for quoting my Homeowners insurance! Being a first-time home buyer is scary. Karen was sensitive to that and really took the time to make sure I understood everything and made coverage suggestions. She's amazing!

August 25, 2017  

I have worked with Karen now for several years and she always goes above and beyond to make sure I get the best service! Although I moved from Virginia Beach to Richmond, I couldn't feel closer to her because she has such a warm heart, but also knows how to get things done! I just recently bought a new car, and was asked if I would change my car insurance. I said HECK NO! Karen's my go to girl! A++ service. Thanks for all you do, Karen!

Thank you Heather Ingram  
August 24, 2017  

Heather, Thanks for all you do. You let me know exactly what was required to continue our home owner insurance policy. The bank was even contacted to make sure they were up to date. You made our life a lot easier.

We can count on Karen  
August 24, 2017  

Karen is always there for ya! Every time we call no matter what time or day, she tends to any questions we may have. She goes above and beyond to make us feel more like family than clients. We know we can count on her if we're ever stranded on the side of the road!

Sherri McCrickard is very patient  
August 24, 2017  

Very patient agent, explain policy with many details, would recommend this agent if you buy a new policy.

Thanks Jenelle!  
August 23, 2017  

I never thought anyone could come close to the service I used to receive from Jill & Mercedes. Boy was I ever wrong! Jenelle has stepped in not missed a beat. I require a lot of COI's for the govt. agencies, property management companies, and builders we service. Jenelle has always responded to my requests in a timely manner, and made sure my customers knew they could call her directly if they had any questions. What more can you ask for? She makes my life so much easier...thanks, Jenelle!

Always the best service!  
August 22, 2017  

Always the best service! Thanks Donna and Todd!

Great job, Karen!  
August 22, 2017  

Karen was most helpful in her explanation of flood insurance and further assisting me in comparing a new auto/home policy in an attempt to lower existing bills. She was friendly and did not push my decisions. Further, she made immediate contact to continue our discussion to clarify an issue. It was a pleasure talking with her, and I'm sure I will not hesitate to call for any future issues. Great job, Karen!

Great Service from Donna!  
August 22, 2017  

Donna was very quick to respond to any and all of my questions (there were a lot). Very pleased with service overall!

Penny has always been there for us  
August 18, 2017  

We are so thankful for Penny , she goes over and beyond to help and be supportive in any claims situation .Penny has always been there for us . She is truly an asset to Mayo Insurance Agency !

Penny is always willing to help  
August 17, 2017  

Penny is a wonderful representative of Mayo Insurance. She was always willing to answer any question I had and returned my phone calls promptly. Penny was very knowledgeable and professional.

Grateful for Nancy & Laura!  
August 16, 2017  

I'm grateful to Nancy McHugh for sending me a personal e-mail reminder to pay my bill! Having just gotten back from vacation, I didn't realize my policy was just about to lapse. Laura Whitney has been invaluable over the years in keeping my policies straight, updated, and has always provided excellent, prompt service.

Impressive customer service  
August 14, 2017  

Jenelle is amazing, always helpful, always pleasant. I couldn't be any more impressed with the customer service I receive.

Thank you for Jenelle!  
August 14, 2017  

Jenelle was so very helpful. I have called 3 times and they said it was taken care of and it wasn't! Thank you for Jenelle!

Thank you Nancy!  
August 11, 2017  

Nancy has been so helpful thru the years with car, house and camper
insurance. The Mayo Insurance Agency has been wonderful! Thank you!

Jenelle is the greatest  
August 9, 2017  

Jenelle is the greatest, end of story.

Jenelle goes above and beyond for my small business  
August 7, 2017  

Jenelle always goes over and beyond to assist my small business. I find myself saying to her quite a bit,"you will do that for me"? Mad props to Jenelle.

Mayo Ins agency provides the best service ever  
August 4, 2017  

As always, the team at Mayo Ins agency provides the best service ever. So happy to have you by our side. Kirstie answered my questions and took care of our needs immediately.

Everyone in the office is friendly  
August 4, 2017  

We could not be more pleased with the service and professionalism we receive from the Mayo Insurance Agency. Everyone in the office is friendly and ready to answer all our questions and concerns. Karen McKee has gone the extra mile to help us save significantly on our flood insurance policy. We highly recommend Todd and his wonderful staff for all your insurance needs!

Karen has been amazing  
August 3, 2017  

Karen McKee has been amazing through my whole insurance process. When I purchased my new car I was referred to her through a coworker and she went above and beyond for me. She gave me an excellent quote, and honestly don't think I'll ever find someone or an agency as good as her and nationwide. Anytime I had questions, she was pleased to answer them and always checked on me when it was time to renew. When I rented my own place and had to get renters insurance, she made sure I was fully covered. Now I'm moving to FL and have to cancel and change insurance and I'm terribly sad to have to make the switch.

Laura Whitney - excellent service  
July 31, 2017  

We have been with the Mayo Insurance Agency for many years and have always received wonderful service from the entire team with all our insurance needs. Thank you for your excellent service today Laura Whitney! We appreciate you!

I'm fortunate to have Jenelle  
July 28, 2017  

Jenelle at Todd Mayo Insurance was very prompt, courteous and easy to communicate with when asking to forward my insurance information to one of my builders. I am fortunate to have someone like her "on my side".

Karen exceeds all expectations  
July 26, 2017  

Karen McKee exceeds all expectations for customer service, customer care, and professional knowledge. Her caring attitude and cheerful demeanor sets a high standard for customer service and and Nationwide Insurance

Karen is more than just an insurance agent  
July 26, 2017  

I don't think of Karen as my agent but my friend! She has helped with ALL insurance needs for me and several family members in the 3 years since moving here. She gets answers ASAP and never fails to get back to me with answers.

Nancy McHugh is a wonderful!  
July 19, 2017  

Nancy McHugh is a wonderful Representative. She always responds very quickly and with very understanding explanations to my sometimes many questions. Thanks Nancy for always being there for me over the years.. I honestly have stayed with Nationwide because of you..

Jenelle saved me time & headaches  
July 17, 2017  

I really appreciate Jenelle Silvera's quick and accurate response. She has saved me time and further headaches. Thank you Jenelle.

Been with the Mayo Agency since I was 16  
July 12, 2017  

I have been with the Mayo Insurance agency since I was 16 years old. Have never had any problems since I have been going to them. Karen is always willing to answer any of my questions and help with our needs whenever she can.

Nancy McHugh was extremely helpful  
July 12, 2017  

Nancy McHugh was extremely helpful and profesional with my monthly billing. Thank you very much Nancy

Thank you so much Sherri  
July 12, 2017  

I e-mailed Sherri on a whim to see if she could get me some information on a problem I was having. Not only did she supply me with the information but she has been side by side with me to help me. Thank you so much Sherri. Your help is much appreciated.

Karen has always been very helpful.  
July 11, 2017  

Karen has always been very helpful. She tries her utmost to solve any problem I present to her, and try to solve it to my satisfaction.
I always smile after ending a business telephone call with her
because of her positive, warm, and friendly attitude while dealing with me, as she does with all her clients.

Karen has been phenomenal  
July 11, 2017  

Karen has been phenomenal to my family for many years, including working out policies for auto, renters and now homeowners. Her input and helpfulness are always greatly valued and she's constantly working hard to do what's best for me and my family. Karen's the best!

Thank you so much Karen!  
June 28, 2017  

Thank you so much Karen! After returning from deployment, in only minutes she was able to straighten out all my insurance needs and get me the best rates. Truly a seasoned professional and entertaining to work with.

Boat Insurance Help  
June 28, 2017  

Penny was SO helpful and patient with me! She knew certain details that I wasn't aware of which sent me in the right direction to getting the correct coverage for our boats. Thank you Penny!

Sherri is appreciated  
June 26, 2017  

Sherri was very very helpful in getting updated insurances for us and it is truly appreciated! Thank you!

Penny was so helpful  
June 25, 2017  

When I needed help with my home owners insurance Penny was so helpful, I can't thank her enough. It is so refreshing to be able to talk to a human being instead of a computerized messenger. Penny is very professional and makes you feel like you have known her forever. Thanks again.

5 Stars!!  
June 20, 2017  

Karen McKee always goes above and beyond she noticed I had an issue and was able to resolve in 2 days I will ALWAYS refer to Mayo Insurance been with them since 1994 5 Stars!!

Sherri is a treat to work with!  
June 14, 2017  

We have been with the Mayo agency for several years. Sherri is always quick to respond and answer all my questions. She keeps me up to date on our policies and lets me know if there options for any savings. Sherri is a treat to work with and always has a positive attitude!!!!

Very friendly  
June 14, 2017  

Karen McKee is always there when I have questions or problems.
If she is not free she always calls me back and always helps with a very friendly attitude. Thank you Karen

Karen is like chatting with a friend  
June 13, 2017  

Calling and speaking with Karen is like chatting with a friend. She is thoughtful, remembers personal things, and is quick to help and give great advice. She's helped me with simple address changes and walked me through parts of the mortgage process that I'm pretty sure aren't even a part of her job! Thank you Karen for everything!

Claims assistance  
June 13, 2017  

As a shot in the dark, I reached out to your office and was connected with Karen. She contacted a claims adjuster on my behalf. Called me back within an hour and provided all the information and answered all my questions.
Thank you so much!!

Thank you Karen!  
June 13, 2017  

Karen McKee has been amazing in helping me with what turned out to be a strange situation. Karen was with me throughout the ordeal and I can't tell you how invaluable that was for me personally. Thank you Karen!!!!! 🙂

Kirstie is a pleasure to work with!  
June 12, 2017  

Kirstie handled our liability insurance. She is a pleasure to deal with- professional, efficient, and personable. She answered all questions and provided all necessary information immediately. We certainly enjoyed dealing with her.

Couldn't have chosen a better agent  
June 8, 2017  

I couldn't have chosen a better agent if I had tried. Karen McKee is always quick to respond to our needs and gives good advice and suggestions.

I'm delighted!  
June 8, 2017  

Jenelle processed my request for proof of insurance so quickly and efficiently I was just amazed. Thank you for taking this request off my plate and speeding up my loan processing. I'm delighted!

Great customer service from Nancy  
June 8, 2017  

I have never actually met Nancy in person. She was referred to me by a close friend. I have never been disappointed in her service or her products (home and car insurance). She is not only quick and thorough; she is thoughtful. Nancy, I promise to meet you one day. Thank you for all your patience and great customer service over the past few years. Mayo Insurance Agency is lucky to have you on their team.

5+ Penny is outstanding!  
June 7, 2017  

5+ Penny is outstanding! She recently went far above what was needed or expected to help us out with a somewhat irregular situation. As such she made a trying time a bit easier. For that, I am extremely grateful. Bravo Zulu!

Quick service  
June 7, 2017  

I requested an important document for a loan closing and Jenelle provided it right away.

Thank you Jenelle!  
June 6, 2017  

Thanks to Jenelle. I was working with Jenelle this morning to provide information to one of our customers. Although he changed his mind several times Jenelle took all in stride. Thank you for the professionalism and patience!

Penny is prompt and efficient  
May 29, 2017  

Penny has done outstanding work for us over many years. Always responsive to our requests and needs in a prompt and efficient manner.

Thanks Nancy!  
May 25, 2017  

Nancy is very professional, I am very glad she works with me, often!
Thanks Nancy

Great service from Karen  
May 22, 2017  

Is 5 the highest I can give to Karen Amato? Who is......personable, precise, polite, and PERFECT for what I needed.

I tell all of my friends about the Mayo Agency  
May 17, 2017  

Karen is always sooo helpful and reassuring. I tell all of my friends about the Mayo Agency. She just reduced my car insurance and I am thrilled!

Pleasure working with Karen  
May 16, 2017  

Ms. Karen was absolutely a pleasure working with and I give her 5 stars for her customer service and kindness.

Always refreshing and positive  
May 11, 2017  

I called to check some information on my policies and as always Karen made everything as easy as humanly possible!
She even saved me time and a few $$$$ also.
Professional and Outstanding! Always refreshing and positive.
I recommend her to everyone.

Karen is wonderful  
May 11, 2017  

Karen m is so wonderful !!! She has become my favorite agent at Nationwide,actually the only one I have dealt with for years.Without her help and advice I would have been a poor basket case by now.Karen, there are not enough words for me to use to express how much I appreciate you my dear.Thank You and God Bless you and Yours.. xoxoxoox

Heather McIlwee - impressive service  
May 8, 2017  

Heather, I was very impressed by your quick response on my late Friday request. What a pleasure it was to open my email Monday morning to find exactly what our company needed attached with your response. Thank you so much, Heather - you get 5 stars!

Thanks for being there for me and my family  
May 5, 2017  

Throughout the years working with Karen has been wonderful, she has great customer service and has always been very helpful to all of my needs. Thanks for being there for me and my family.

Nancy is extremely friendly and helpful  
May 3, 2017  

I have worked with Nancy for several years now and she has always been extremely friendly and helpful. She is always positive and in a great mood. Couldn't ask for better customer service!

Friendly service  
May 3, 2017  

Patricia was very friendly and able to resolve the issue regarding my policy within an hour instead of days. It as a pleasure working with her.

Nancy is great!  
April 28, 2017  

Nancy is great. She is very professional and always ready to help. Thank you for always being there to help. I recommend her to all my friends. Thanks again 🙏🌹😇

Karen was helpful  
April 25, 2017  

I had called Mayo Insurance to find out some info in regards to our Master Condo Association Policy. Karen did help me and then we were talking and she asked me about if I wanted a quote to see the difference in the pricing between Mayo and my current insurance that I have on my unit which is for the inside contents. I told her that would be okay and she sent me the info and an example of what it might cost me by just put in some numbers that could apply to my condo unit. I did not want to pull my docs to give her our coverage until I talked to my wife about all of this. She was very helpful and really did not have to do this since I had called about our association's Master Condo Coverage.

Heather McIlwee is the best!  
April 21, 2017  

Heather McIlwee is the best! She is always helpful and extremely efficient. Thank You Heather!

Refreshing to work with a competent staff  
April 21, 2017  

Heather and the team at Mayo Insurance are always very attentive, courteous and respond quickly. We have worked with Mayo for almost 30 years. I recommend them for any Insurance needs. It is so refreshing to work with a competent staff.

I will gladly recommend to anyone  
April 20, 2017  

On behalf of my wife and me I would like to thank you and the Nationwide staff who came to our assistance as a result of my auto accident earlier this month. It was a distressing time for us, and the Nationwide team did everything within the scope of their expertise to ease the worry and tension. Your professionalism, compassion and expeditious management of my claim will not go unforgotten. I will gladly recommend Nationwide to anyone I meet who is looking for a good insurance company to handle their home and automobile needs. Once again, my family extends its thanks and gratitude for the service you rendered.

Karen is easy to work with  
April 17, 2017  

Karen is very helpful, quick and easy to work with. I would not think of going anywhere else for insurance.

Karen is a pleasure to work with!  
April 17, 2017  

Karen is a phenomenal agent! She takes her time to explain the policies and ensures that the customer fully understands the policies. She also makes excellent recommendations for other policies based upon my needs. She is a pleasure to work with!!!!

Karen is the best!!  
April 13, 2017  

Karen is the best!! She went above and beyond with her service for me. Very professional and knows how to get the job done!! She is very knowledgeable and can help anyone get the best price possible for insurance. I would highly recommend the Mayo agency ( especially Karen) to anyone looking to get insurance.

Appreciate Nancy!  
April 7, 2017  

Great explanation from Nancy about particulars of policy coverage. It was appreciated!

Karen is helpful  
April 4, 2017  

Karen was acknowlegable, nice and very helpful with all my issues. She treated me excellent, I appreciate her customer service.

Karen is best  
April 1, 2017  

Karen is best and smartest agent. I would love to give her 1 000 000 rate. Thank you so much Karen

Heather McIlwee was most helpful  
March 27, 2017  

We have ben using Nationwide and the Mayo agency for almost 30 years now. They have always been great. I just contacted Heather McIlwee for assistance filing out a workers comp form to renew our business lic. She was most helpful and had the info I needed to me almost immediately. Thanks

Great service from Nancy  
March 27, 2017  

Nancy has been nothing but responsive and helpful in my process of changing my insurances to cover my changing residence and automobiles!! It is nice to know that she is there. 🙂

Karen is the best!!!  
March 22, 2017  

Karen is the best!!!

She explains everything and makes sure you understand it. She is so helpful and she's a joy to talk to. I'll never change insurance with her there!!!

Todd and his team are super to work with  
March 20, 2017  

Todd and his team are super to work with. I have always gotten great service and in a timely manner. We have our business, personal and even family members switching to the Mayo Agency for their insurance needs. Karen has been super with our aging mother to help her understand her insurance needs. His entire office staff is very helpful and always willing to help with our requests. Thank you for excellent service.

Great claims service  
March 20, 2017  

Karen did exceptional job recently helping me with Nationwide claims adjuster who was stuck in "neutral" . She took the time to contact this individual at a critical phase of the process. This was not something not required on her part and is much appreciated as I have valued her assistance for many years. Karen is a true asset to Mayo Agency.

Wonderful experience  
March 20, 2017  

My experience at Nationwide was wonderful and the agent that work with me at Nationwide makes me laugh the whole entire time. She's very nice and very polite, she help me with all my needs. I hope that many insurance company can have someone like her personality to work for their company. She is very good at what you do. The whole entire time she was helping me she was smiling and doing her job and at the same time she takes her job seriously. Thank you for helping me

Best team to work with!  
March 17, 2017  

Todd and his team went above and beyond to help me resolve an issue with another insurance company. Since then I have switched all my business to there agency. Best team to work with!

Todd & Heather McIlwee - a pleasure to work with!  
March 16, 2017  

Todd and his staff are always a pleasure to work with! As a business owner, I find it very comforting knowing that they are always there for our needs. We have dealt with numerous people within the company and everyone is always very nice and knowledgeable. Recently we spoke with Heather McIlwee and she was thoroughly informative and responsive! Nice to know you guys are there when we need you!

Penny was wonderful to work with!!!  
March 13, 2017  

I highly recommend working with the Mayo Agency. I had a very pleasant experience and Penny was wonderful to work with!!! She was always available to answer my questions thoroughly and she always had a very pleasant attitude. Great customer service!

Karen is awesome!  
March 11, 2017  

Karen is awesome! She just saved me over $800 a year on auto insurance!

Nancy is my go to person  
March 10, 2017  

Have had Nationwide since 1990 and with Mayo Agency since 1999, always get prompt, polite and personal service. Nancy is my go to person but have never been let down by anyone at the office if she is busy or not available.
Thanks for your service and recommend to anyone.

Karen is simply the BEST  
March 9, 2017  

I absolutely LOVE working with Karen. She has been so helpful every time I call. With every move or vehicle purchased.. she is simply the BEST. I always feel comfortable and top priority. Thanks for everything you do Karen 🙂

Nancy is so personable  
March 8, 2017  

We love working with Nancy McHugh at the Laskin Road location in Virginia Beach. She is so personable and always helps us when we have questions. She continues to try and find us the best insurance policy for our house and cars. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

I love working with Sherri!  
March 8, 2017  

I switched over to Nationwide, and the Mayo Agency several years ago. The pricing was better, and I love working with Sherri!

Talking with Karen made my experience most pleasant.  
March 8, 2017  

We had been with nationwide for many years. However, upon the death of my husband, I needed someone to walk me thru the coverages so that I could understand them. Talking with Karen made my experience most pleasant. She was very professional and very patient. She was very helpful in making me feel comfortable and cared for. Thank you again Karen for the help and kindness shown towards me; also during a most difficult and sad time in my life. I tell all my family members about her.

Karen is very helpful  
March 7, 2017  

Karen is very helpful with quotes and options. Pleasant person to work with. Very customer friendly and professional.

New website review  
March 1, 2017  

New website looks very modern and up to date. Not too cluttered and easy to navigate. Well Done!

Sherri is on top of it always!!  
February 27, 2017  

Sherri is on top of it always!! Sherri is consistently knowledgeable and responsive whenever I reach out with a question or problem. I ALWAYS recommend Nationwide and the Mayo Agency!

Karen has excellent customer service skills  
February 22, 2017  

Karen has excellent customer service skills, and it's always a pleasure speaking with her, she has gone above and beyond her call of duty in assisting me with my moms insurance matters and even today in assisting me with quotes for my in-laws.

Thank you for everything Sherri!!!!!!  
February 21, 2017  

I've been with nationwide for many years. My agent is Sherri McCrickard. She's always there for my family. I've been in accidents, forgotten payments, bought a home, gotten married. She's helped with ALL my insurance needs even if it's just a reminder email. She even sent a wonderful get well card to my family when ill. She's like a member of the family. I dont know where I'd be without her. Even when she is busy she always gets back to me. I can always trust that she'll be honest and helpful whenever it's needed. Thank you for everything Sherri!!!!!!

Karen has been like family to us!  
February 17, 2017  

My husband and I have been with Mayo Agency for over twenty years now. Karen has been like family to us! I can't thank her enough for always being there for me and putting up with my husband and his brother for all these years!! She is a true GEM!!

Karen was extremely helpful  
February 16, 2017  

Received a call from Karen with the Mayo Agency just as I was reviewing my policies. It was almost as if she had ESP. Karen was extremely helpful to me. She reviewed all of my policies, made suggestions as to ways that I might save money and explained terms that were unclear. Karen was patience, thorough and I will certainly call her in the future when I have questions and concerns. Being a senior citizen I had contemplated exploring AARP etc for my insurance needs. My mind was changed because of this contact.

I feel like I'm talking to a friend  
February 15, 2017  

I've been with Mayo Insurance Agency for many years and have had amazing service from them from the beginning. Sherri is my agent and I never hesitate to call her because I know I'm going to get the right answer. I feel like I'm talking to a friend when we have a conversation. I can't say enough good things about the Mayo Agency. Their customer service, courtesy and professionalism are much appreciated. GREAT JOB EVERYBODY!!

We would never even consider using another agency  
February 14, 2017  

We have been a customer of Mayo Insurance Agency for 13 years, they are an amazing company with beyond excellent customer service. When we call they know us personally, and their service is amazing. All staff are courteous and exceedingly professional and knowledgeable about all products and services they offer. We would never even consider using another agency for our insurance needs. Penny is wonderful.

Great customer service!  
February 14, 2017  

Great customer service! I have worked with several people from the agency, and have enjoyed all of them. Karen and Donna are representatives that I currently work with. They provide prompt and helpful responses, and I don't ever feel like I'm a "bother" to them. I appreciate everything the Mayo Agency does for us!

Thank you Penny for being such an amazing agent  
February 13, 2017  

Penny is great! She is very reliable and is Always there for our family ; we can count on her no matter what! Thank you Penny for being such an amazing agent and taking care of all of our insurance needs! We appreciate you a lot !

Excellent Customer Service  
February 10, 2017  

Karen has provided me with excellent customer service for many years now. She has always been cheerful, helpful, knowledgeable, responsive and professional. Thank you!

Nancy has been a wonderful agent  
February 9, 2017  

I've been with Nationwide for a long long time and I have always been treated nice. Nancy has been a wonderful agent to deal with. Thank you for your great service and treating me with respect and great prices. Will miss you.

You can always rely on the Mayo Agency  
February 9, 2017  

We have been with the Mayo agency for many years and their outstanding customer service never ceases to amaze me. Nancy is so knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I recently purchased a new vehicle and called her from the dealership. Everything was taken care of in a matter of minutes. She consistently provides this level of service. You can always rely on the Mayo agency.

Heather with the Mayo Agency is great!  
February 8, 2017  

Heather with the Mayo Agency is Great! She goes above and beyond. If she doesn't have an answer right away, she finds someone who does. You can always count on her to come through with the information you need and do it as quickly as possible. I am extremely satisfied with the service I have received from the Mayo Agency and would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Great staff  
February 7, 2017  

I have been with the Mayo agency for over 8 years. They always take care of my insurance needs. Would recommend their agency to anyone. Great staff.

Sherri is marvelous  
February 7, 2017  

Sherri and the others at Nationwide have always been extremely helpful, responsive and marvelous with regards to our insurance. We've had to make a few claims over the last 12 years and they have been nothing but fabulous. They make the process easy and painless. We have homeowners, car and life insurance policies with them and are very satisfied.

Sherri is always pleasant and extremely helpful  
February 7, 2017  

I just spoke to Sherri about my policy. She is always pleasant and extremely helpful. She knew what I needed and emailed it to me while we were on the phone. She does her job well and always provides excellent service!

Penny always comes to my rescue  
February 5, 2017  

Penny always comes to my rescue; she answers all of my inquiries promptly and accurately which is very much appreciated.

Karen M. has sensational customer service skills  
February 3, 2017  

Karen M. Has sensational customer service skills. Additionally, she always stay on top of the latest policy changes and/or additions and informs us immediately. We hope karen M. Always on the frontline at Nationwide so she can continue delivering astonishing customer service and professionalism..

Karen is the best  
February 3, 2017  

Karen is the Best and most efficient agent; I have ever known!

Karen McKee in the best agent I've ever dealt with  
February 3, 2017  

Karen McKee in the best agent I've ever dealt with.. She really cares about her client's and goes the extra mile to get an answer to their questions. She does not give up until the "proper" answer it achieved. She is caring and personable and treats her customers like friends and family.

Karen is the best  
February 2, 2017  

Karen is the best agent I've ever dealt with and she has outstanding customer service. Recently my house was broken into and she was on top of everything even tho it wasn't her responsibility to get everything pushed thru in a timely manner. If she ever leaves Mayo she will keep my business.

I never had an agent who cares so much  
February 2, 2017  

Karen McKee is my agent and she is absolutely wonderful and very personable. To say she goes the extra mile, for me, doesn't do the rapport I have with her justice. She's very helpful; warm, concerned about how my policy can work for me, and gives me need-to-know tips & info. I told her today, I never had an agent who cares so much and treats me so very well; I've never had that experience with any other insurance agent, ever -and I meant that.
Thanks so much, Karen!

Thank you Nancy  
February 2, 2017  

Nancy, thank you. You are always willing to help at a moments notice, no appointment necessary. Your patience in responding to my questions and concerns is greatly appreciated, I will not hesitate to refer you to others.

Cory & Penny have been great!  
February 1, 2017  

Cory & Penny have been great to work with. They've made our stressful times easier as well as giving us peace of mind knowing we always have them to guide us through our life changes!

Penny is wonderful to work with  
February 1, 2017  

Penny is wonderful to work with. She is a great agent and is very helpful with a lot of insurance knowledge. I always recommend her and Nationwide to anyone looking for insurance!

Nancy is outstanding to work with  
January 31, 2017  

I recently was involved in an auto accident. Agent Nancy and adjuster Chris have been outstanding to work with. Within hours of my contacting Nationwide, my coverage had been reviewed with me, all options had been explained to me, my vehicle had been towed to a collision shop for estimating, and my claim process had been started. This is the type of service that is truly appreciated and is not available just anywhere. Thank you!

Nancy is the best  
January 30, 2017  

Nancy is the best. She is very good at what she does and very responsive. I can always count on her whenever I have a question or concern. I have multi policies and have referred her to my children who have both switched their policies over to her.

Nancy M. helped me tremendously  
January 30, 2017  

Nancy M. helped me tremendously when I was involved in a car accident and the other insurance didn't want to pay me what my car was worth she was able to get me what my vehicle was worth

I am so grateful to have Penny M. on my side!