Safe Toys for Your Children

The best part of the holidays for your kids and grand kids? Unwrapping new toys. The best part of the holidays for you? A day of relaxation after a stressful month while the kids are distracted with their gifts. This relaxation can be short lived if the toys your children or grandchildren unwrapped aren’t the safest option and require constant supervision. To help you steer clear of this challenge, here are the safest toys for each age group to keep your holidays calm:

0-12 Months: Safety for baby means avoiding choking hazards and sharp objects, as they tend to play at this age by exploring their new senses with touch (and a lot of teething). Choose toys with different textures, colors and sounds that are won’t break easily.

1-2 Years. Your little one is ready to start using their motor skills, but will still be interested in putting things in their mouth and throwing items. Introduce more toys with specific purposes, like building blocks or puzzles with larger pieces, but avoid smaller figures that could become a choking hazard, and make sure they are made with non-toxic materials.

2-5 Years. If your little one is in this age, they will be excited about toys that let them play pretend and use all of their fine motor skills. For arts and crafts, make sure you are buying the kid-friendly versions – safety scissors, plastic chopping knives for fun in the kitchen, and non-toxic paints and crayons. This is also the age group for sharing, so be sure to clean their toys regularly.

6 and Up. Your little one is ready for toys that fit their individual interests, like sports, riding bikes or toys from shows they like. Most toys are safe for them to enjoy as they learn the safety rules, but make sure that you provide the right safety gear for the toy that they were given, i.e. helmets, knee pads, proper footwear, etc.

16 and Up. We’re no longer talking about toys! If you’re gifting a car, jewelry or other valuables, be sure to talk to your insurance agent to make sure your new items are properly covered!