Student Drivers in High School and Beyond

June is a time for graduation, planning for college or taking a break before starting the next year of high school. For parents, it’s a time that can lead to questions – what do we do with the car? Do we need different insurance now that a child is off at college? And, most often, how can we save money on auto insurance for a student driver?

Good Grades = Good Discounts
Many auto insurance carriers offer discounts for high school and full time college students who maintain a 3.0 or better GPA. We just need a transcript showing the GPA when we first add the student to your policy, and some carriers require periodic updates, depending on the company. Note, you can’t be a perpetual student and get the discount – good student pricing is usually only good through age 25.

Off to College
If your student is off at college without a car, and the college or university is more than 100 miles away, you may be eligible for an “at school” rating, which reduces the premium on that vehicle while the student is away and not driving it regularly. This is particularly helpful for freshmen who are not allowed to have a vehicle on campus.

Location. Location. Location
If your student does have a car on campus or off-campus, and isn’t living at home, it’s time to update the location where the vehicle is kept. In some cases this may lead to an increase or decrease in premium rates, depending on the new location zip code and how that compares to your current residence.

If you have a student driver, now is the time to give us a call to discuss your options, and most importantly, make sure you have the right coverage for your family, your vehicles and your needs.