Tips for Children and Families During the Holidays

The holiday season is a time of joy and cheer, but it can also be hectic and unpredictable – which often results in stressed-out families. Here are some ideas to help keep the tension level down while still embracing this special time of year.

Maintain good nutrition. With many cherished holiday traditions focused around food, it can be hard to keep children from overindulging in candy and sweets. There is nothing wrong with enjoying special holiday treats as long as nutritious, balanced meals are served regularly along with the treats.

Get plenty of sleep. Children who do not get enough sleep are often irritable and more likely to misbehave, so try to stick as closely as possible to their usual naptimes and bedtimes. This can be a challenge when trying to work around holiday events, but children will be happier and more well-behaved, which increases everybody’s enjoyment.

Spend time together. Make a special time every day to spend with your children, perhaps by checking out holiday-related books from the local library and reading a new one every night. If your child has special one-on-one time to look forward to spending with you every day, they are more likely to be patient and cooperative when you have to spend extra time on other things.

Take the opportunity to serve. If your children are feeling the pull of consumerism, help them to look outside themselves by working as a family to serve someone in the community. Even if it’s just choosing the name of a needy child from an angel tree to shop for, your children will be able to feel the joy of giving without receiving anything in return.